Job Opening

On December 8, 2011 By

Parallel Development is looking for a creative electrical engineer to join our team full time. We need somebody with a solid working knowledge of analog and digital design, embedded linux development, pcb design and some mechanical aptitude. Job requirements include:

1. Strong digital design skills including VHDL
2. Embedded systems development
3. PCB […]

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NYT Mirror

On November 17, 2011 By

Glad to see that the mirror we designed and built for the New York Times R&D Lab is finally getting some attention. Check out what Brian House has got running on this thing. This was a tricky piece of integration – we totally gutted a 40″ samsung LCD, cleared it of some extraneous PCBS, […]

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I had to run a diagnostic trip recently on an old project. We suspected that thermal problems may be contributing to a drop in LED brightness, so I decided to rent an infrared camera to quickly measure how hot things were running. Totally useful, although I probably should read the long section in the manual […]

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brake booster

On May 12, 2011 By

Known only to trials bike aficionados is the elusive and oft misunderstood brake booster, a brace to reinforce a bike frame at the brake mounts. Relevant only if you use hydraulic rim brakes with squishy pads and ground rims to maximize the friction. My understanding of what happens when you pull the brake lever is […]

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On March 30, 2011 By

We’ve had Camworks for almost a decade, and it’s been good to have a CAM system tightly integrated with Solidworks. Until now, the toolpaths were OK but far from optimal. We just upgraded our seat to include the new Volumill module which makes high speed machining truly possible. Finally, CAM software that gets it right. […]

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aluminum saw

On December 10, 2010 By

After years of cutting aluminum with table saws and chop boxes, we finally broke down and bought a 20″ aluminum upcut saw from PMI that arrived the other day. I am not going miss the sound of aluminum chips bouncing off my safety glasses nor the hot sting on my skin. Most importantly, through, is […]

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spherical jig

On October 25, 2009 By

Drill jig for Leo Villareal’s death star of spun aluminum, LEDs and car paint.

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