Pace Gallery
 Leo Villareal Exhibition

Artist: Leo Villareal 

Year: 2017
Location: Pace Galley, NYC

Photo Credit: Leo Villareal, Courtesy of Pace Gallery




In 2017, Parallel Development fabricated a number of pieces for Leo Villareal’s first solo exhibit at Pace Gallery.

Ellipse, at first glance, is similar to other pieces produced Parallel Development has produced for Villareal. What made this particular piece a challenge for us was a combination of both architectural specificity and a time constraint.  An unexpected opportunity pushed Leo’s exhibition date forward many months, catching us all off guard, testing out project management skills as we met the deadline. 

As a site specific piece, it encouraged our engineer’s adaptability as we collaborated with the structural engineers at Craft Engineering. The outcome was a curved grid canopy which the 262 custom, mirrored stainless LED fixtures hang from.  There are 10 pairs of steel rails, varying in length, which allows the piece to obtain a greater visual depth than similar pieces (Renwick, Durst). Nearly 19,000 LEDs come together in this piece to create a cascading waterfall of light.

CD Photo.jpg

Cloud Drawings, 3x26

Cloud Drawings are intended to be moving/living canvases, displaying ever changing work. Parallel Development took VIllareal's concept and design/engineered a metal canvas as the foundation of the artwork. The metalwork allows for the suspension of our custom LED boards, which display the evolving art. Parallel has produced (and continues to produce) three different sized Cloud Drawings titled 2x17, 3x26, & 4x34.